Men are from VoIP and Women are from PSTN

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Men are from VoIP and Women are from PSTN

Men are from VoIP and Women are from PSTN - at least according to Preston Gralla over at Networking Pipeline who quotes a recent HarrisInteractive survey about VoIP awareness. (great metaphor Preston!)

Preston writes
that according to the survey, "Men are more aware of VoIP than women by about a two-to-one margin. And, one would assume, from those numbers, they're much more likely to use VoIP as well."

Of course, my theory is that once women find out they can talk more for less using VoIP I'm sure they'll catch up to the men. Though there is one significant hole in my theory. My wife has been using Vonage for the past 3 years with me and she complains at every little Vonage hiccup, every little "fast busy" when dialing, every little Internet outage that brings down the phone line. She used to complain about the sound quality on the VoIP connection all the time, but she has gotten better. Or perhaps she's resigned to the fact that I'm never going back to PSTN.

Me? I'm like "Hey, sounds great to me. I never have any problems when I'm making a call using Vonage. Sure, when the power goes off or the Internet connection dies, we lose our phone, but hey, we're saving a ton of money each month. And it's a cool technology to boot. Plus I write about this stuff all day long, so I should practice what I preach."

I don't think she bought it.

When there are sound quality issues (robotic sounding, voice cutoffs) it always happens she she is on the phone. It's only happened to me once in all the time I've had Vonage. My theory is that computers and VoIP equipment are female and therefore they act up out of jealousy any time a female is using it since they prefer nerdy men - often their creators. But what do I know? It could be that she just uses the phone more and I'm just lucky when I use the phone.

I think most women could care less how much money they save if they can't guarantee near 100% uptime for their phone to make and receive calls.

In fact, a new phenomenon has begun in the era of VoIP - instead of blaming the phone company for any phone outage, wives/girlfriends now blame their significant other. "Why did you cancel our landline! I was perfectly happy with it! It's your fault you cheap bastard!"

I bet at least 10 male readers reading this that switched to VoIP and ditched their landline have experienced this.

Or am I just being sexist?

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