Military Suspension Plan from VoIP Providers - Who's Going to Step Up?

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Military Suspension Plan from VoIP Providers - Who's Going to Step Up?

I received an email from a U.S. military service person asking me if I was aware of any VoIP service providers offering a "military suspension plan" which allows U.S. military members to "suspend" your contract without paying monthly fees.

Mr. Tom Keating,

I'm a current customer of Vonage, but have recently been disappointed by them. You see, being in the military, deployments do not allow us to use our regular phones, for obvious reasons. As far as I'm aware, every cell phone carrier has some form of "military suspension plan" which allows you to keep your contract without paying any monthly fees until you notify them that you want it reactivated (not sure about landlines, but most ISP's seem to have a similar policy).

My question to you is: do you know of any VOIP companies that have a policy to accommodate military deployments, or even long vacations? At $35ish/month, I'd prefer not to pay this during a 6+ month tour in Iraq.

marine in korea

"Bitter cold, Bitter fight" a weary U.S. Marine in Korea 1950

I'm not aware of any VoIP service providers currently offering "military suspension plans". Have we forgotten the blood, sweat, and tears they've shed? Have we forgotten the hardships they ensure - whether it's the icy cold winter in Korea or the 110+ degree heat in the deserts & streets of Iraq? American VoIP companies should remember their sacrifice and do the honorable thing and cut them a financial break. Who's going to step up to the plate and reward our brave young men and women serving this country? Vonage? Packet8/8x8? Broadvoice? Anyone?

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