Navtel's VoIP Test Platform Now HasSIP Analysis Tool

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Navtel's VoIP Test Platform Now HasSIP Analysis Tool

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Navtel's VoIP Performance & Scalability Test Platform Now Combined with an SIP Expert Analysis Tool!

(PRWEB) February 3, 2005 -- Navtel Communications Inc., a leading developer and provider of test equipment for the laboratories of network equipment manufacturers and operators have announced the immediate availability of "SIP Discovery". This SIP expert analysis tool from Navtel sets new standards of excellence for users who require the most complete, automated, easy to use SIP testing solution available on the market today.

Providing extensive statistics on the status of a network, or any entity that composes this network, as well as all the necessary troubleshooting information in a very intuitive graphical user interface, SIP Discovery is the only SIP expert analysis tool that significantly reduces fault identification/resolution cycles, ultimately saving costs to both carriers and equipment manufacturers.

Available on both the InterWatch platform and any windows-based PC, SIP Discovery is the unique answer to the requirements of all departments involved with the SIP protocol. Capable of measuring any device's load and message transfer/response latency over long periods of time, SIP Discovery will prove itself extremely useful to network planners and Q&A teams. The call tracing, graphical representation of captured call flows and packet processing, used to determine and display each session's status [Initiating, Incomplete, Failed, Established, or Cleared] provides installation, maintenance and Q&A teams with pre-analyzed data, saving long hours of browsing through thousands of lines of raw traffic.

The capability to export all analysis results to cross-platform file formats [PNG & HTML] also enables the creation of clear and concise reports used to facilitate intra-department and intra-providers communication.

Navtel offers the only true carrier-class scalable and cost-effective test solution for VoIP with the InterWatch chassis capable of emulating 256,000 endpoints and 160 calls per second on each port with a call hold time of 180 seconds.

Further information on SIP Discovery can be found at
About Navtel Communications Inc.

Navtel Communications provides high capacity testing solutions that enable telecom equipment manufacturers and network providers to verify under full load the characteristics and the design of triple play equipment and converged networks using a single, high performance, scalable platform - the InterWatch.

Navtel's InterWatch can substantially reduce both costs and timelines in the new product development process. It plays a major role in the rapid development and deployment of the next generation of converged networks around the globe by organizations who are secure in the knowledge that Navtel's range of load testing solutions are complimented by their unrivalled ability to also test for conformance, functionality and interoperability on the single most powerful integrated test platform available today.

Navtel's InterWatch
The InterWatch platform is a powerful, complete network test solution. It provides a combination of modular interfaces and applications to meet the needs of the most challenging test environments. The InterWatch architecture provides application testing support for leading technologies including Voice over IP (VoIP), Generalized /Multi Protocol Label Switching (G.MPLS/MPLS), Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS), Quality of Service (QoS), ATM Signaling (UNI, PNNI), Inverse Multiplexing over ATM (IMA), IP Performance Testing and Access technologies.

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