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Nero and VoIP

Ahead's Nero Burning ROM software is one of the most popular pieces of software today. I've used it to burn CDs, DVDs, home movies, music, you name it. It's probably the best CD/DVD burning software on the market today.

A few weeks ago, I received an alert in my inbox that Ahead Software was doing something with VoIP. "What the heck does burning CD/DVD software have to do with VoIP," I thought to myself.

For curiosity, I checked out the link and it just had the words "SIPPS - VoIP" in "About Ahead Software" section of the press release and not much more. The exact quote was (see bold):

"Ahead Software provides the most reliable CD/DVD software applications available to serve digital media markets worldwide. Since its inception in 1995, Ahead's leading application, Nero, has built a loyal customer base of more than 140 million users world-wide. Ahead's award-winning flagship product, Nero 6, provides an all-in-one comprehensive digital media solution. Ahead's product line also includes Nero Digital(TM) - audio/video technology, the new Nero PhotoShow Elite - the easy and complete photo solution, SIPPS - VoIP, and across - professional computer aided translation software."

After some quick research that turned up nothing, I was like OK, false alarm - Nero doesn't have VoIP capabilities.

Then I received another alert today saying once again Ahead Software's NERO has VoIP. Ok, stop crying wolf damn it! You don't have VoIP! Intrigued nevertheless, I checked it out one more time and did a little more research.

Nero does indeed have VoIP via their SIPPS and SIPPSTAR softphone clients. You can check out the home page here: Sippstar2 [Homepage]

I haven't fully explored what this product does, but it looks like they're trying to charge money for a SIP-based softclient. At least I think it is SIP since they mention port 5060 in the FAQ page and the name is SIPPS after all.

From their FAQ it also states:
1. What audio codecs does SIPPS support?
SIPPS supports the following audio codecs:

Looks like Nikotel is partnering with Nero. I saw this: "SIPPS is the first softphone that is suitable for every PC-user - private and business users alike! Stunning sound quality, lots of easy functions and easy usability provide for a great phone experience! SIPPS offers encryption, an answering machine, and much more...
Wether you want to call your Aunt on the other side of the globe or your uncle on the other side of the continent - SIPPS helps you to reduce expenses. Simply place a call from PC to PC over the internet - and pay only your regular online charges! Or you call any regular phone with your SIPPS. nikotel offers constantly low rates to destinations all over the world. Learn more about AHEAD SIPPS software: (to SIPPS homepage)."

I'll report back as I find out more, but I must be leaving. TGIF! That and there's a Red Sox vs. Yankees game in just a few hours! (assuming it isn't rained out)

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