New Nimbuzz Adds VoIP over 3G

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New Nimbuzz Adds VoIP over 3G

My jailbroken iPhone already does VoIP over 3G. But for you fools who refuse to jailbreak your iPhone and wish to remain in Steve Jobs' walled garden, this bit of news might make your day. The latest Nimbuzz now allows you to make VoIP calls over 3G on iPhone.

Nimbuzz said, "Yes, after months of waiting it's finally happened: the Wi-Fi hunt is over. Now you can call all your friends from Nimbuzz, Skype, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Live Messenger or Gtalk for free, using just your 3G internet connection and Nimbuzz!"

Download it here: Nimbuzz for iPhone.

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This is amazing! I really never thought that this kind of situation would come about. Now it will be much cheaper to call people whenever I want. :)
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