NextAlarm's VoIP-capable Alarm System

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NextAlarm's VoIP-capable Alarm System

I just received an interesting email from Bryan Elliot at In the email, he states that NextAlarm is a small, innovative company offering alarm monitoring services for homes and small businesses. Bryan states, "In the same vein as ADT and Brink's, but we offer Internet features which are far ahead of the pack, and we also offer services at a substantial discount compared to the 'big boys'."

Bryan mentions the issue of DTMF digits not properly being transmitted when using VoIP which affects alarm systems. He states, "Of particular interest to home & small biz VoIP users (and by extension, subject matter for your blog), is the well-known problem of switching to VoIP service (such as Vonage) when you have an alarm system. Simply put - it doesn't work. Most alarm panels are unable to communicate signals to the customer's alarm monitoring company, when the customer has switched to VoIP. It has to do with the format used to communicate (very rapid DTMF pulses), and the loss of fidelity when going through VoIP companies."

Digium Broadband Modem AdaptorIn January, launched their own private VoIP network, using equipment which retains full DTMF fidelity. It is designed to run alongside a customer's VoIP telephone service -- e.g. they plug their telephones into Vonage modems, and they plug their alarm panel into our VoIP modem, and everyone's happy. I checked out their website and it appears that they are using Digium's Broadband Modem adaptor, as seen to the left.

More can be read about their VoIP "friendly" alarm system service here:

Bryan also mentions that they also offer competitive services for people with POTS lines too but he claims, "we're just the first to market with a VoIP-specific solution as well".

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