NextWeb and CommPartners WiMAX VoIP offering

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NextWeb and CommPartners WiMAX VoIP offering

NextWeb and CommPartners today announced the launch of the nation's largest deployment of VoIP services over a pre-WiMAX network. The service will begin rolling out to NextWeb's fixed-broadband wireless coverage areas in May, and will feature low-cost bundled broadband and voice service packages, fast install and enhanced calling features for SMBs. CommPartners plans to offer enhanced VoIP services to businesses in over 175 cities

According to NextWeb, they are California's largest fixed-wireless Internet service provider for business, and they are launching Voice over IP (VoIP) services through a strategic partnership with CommPartners, a nationwide VoIP facilitator for privately-branded, turnkey VoIP services and IP-to-PSTN interconnection carrier services. According to NextWeb and CommPartners, this will be the largest deployment of VoIP services over a pre-WiMAX network in the US.

The partnership will team NextWeb's extensive pre-WiMAX network with CommPartner's VoIP solutions, offering enhanced VoIP services and competitive savings to a potential customer-base of 500,000 small- and medium-sized businesses throughout California. I wonder if California will attempt to tax WiMAX VoIP next? (See my California Surrenders "A Piece of the VoIP Action" blog)

NextWeb's VoIP service is in the final stages of beta testing and will be rolled out to NextWeb coverage areas beginning in May, 2005. Key benefits of NextWeb's VoIP service for small- and medium-businesses include fast set-up, low costs, advanced calling features and bundled service options.

New customers to NextWeb's VoIP service may purchase the service on a stand-alone basis or have the option of bundled VoIP and data services at a lower cost. Like its fixed-wireless Internet service, NextWeb's VoIP service can be deployed to customers quickly, in a matter of days, and does not require expensive equipment upgrades. For customers with multiple offices, NextWeb offers extension dialing, giving each office on the network an extension reachable via the main phone line, even if the offices reside in different area codes.

"NextWeb is a pioneer in the fixed broadband wireless market and continues to lead industry trends by spearheading the industry's biggest deployment of VoIP over wireless to date," said Graham Barnes, CEO and founder of NextWeb. "By teaming NextWeb's extensive pre-WiMAX network with CommPartners' advanced VoIP solutions, thousands of small- and medium-business customers will be able to take full advantage of greater services at an affordable cost."

"NextWeb is a leader in the field of fixed wireless broadband and we are pleased to be working with the company to provide high quality VoIP services," said Dave Clark, co-founder and chief executive officer of CommPartners. "We look forward to building a strong partnership with NextWeb as the company continues to expand its network."

The service will include traditional custom calling features such as call waiting, voicemail, caller-ID and call forwarding. Additional benefits will include a user-friendly Call Manager Web portal for easy self-management of advanced options such as personal phone lists and Outlook integration, as well as Web based 'click-to-call'. Full details will be available at in May, 2005.

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