ooVoo a new Video/IM communications client

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ooVoo a new Video/IM communications client

ooVooooVoo sign-in
ooVoo is a new IM/video client launching soon, but I'm not sure if this another softphone client aiming to knock off the king - Skype. Simon from ooVoo emailed me, "To celebrate the launch of ooVoo, a new video communication tool, we're looking for 1000 influential bloggers to participate in a unique event.

We're compiling a video scrapbook called 'Just A Minute' and we'd like you to be involved. You can tell us about your job, your family, your hobbies or interests. Whatever drives you, whatever you'd like to talk about in one minute, we want to see it.

To participate all you need to do is visit www.oovooworld.com, download the software and record your message. We've also compiled an easy-to-follow guide on recording and sending messages complete with an example clip to get you started.

Once you've returned your completed video message to us, we'll include it in the ooVooworld Video Gallery and celebrate the launch of ooVoo by showing each unique minute sent to us..."

They certainly seem to be targetting bloggers and want to make their launch "viral" by offering bloggers to be part of their online video gallery. I checked out their website, but couldn't find any information on this software client. It seems to be similar to Sightspeed since both have a pretty slick interface and both let you record a video message. Actually the sign-in screen looks almost identical to MSN Messenger's (Windows Live Messenger) sign-in screen. Almost looks like a "skin" for MSN Messenger.

But I couldn't find much info on their website. Does it support SIP? XMPP? Does it let you terminate and receive calls? All I have is questions and no answers. Unfortunately, I'm pretty busy today to research, so if you want to check it out feel free and then post a comment. Just figured I'd share the news.

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