ooVoo Adds Facebook and YouTube Integration

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ooVoo Adds Facebook and YouTube Integration

Today ooVoo announced their new 2.9 software update which includes powerful social media integration and video sharing. In 2.9, users can connect and share their ooVoo status with Facebook and invite Facebook friends to join them on ooVoo, as well as upload recorded video calls or messages to YouTube.

“Our latest 2.9 release with Facebook and YouTube integration is a great first step in allowing fans of ooVoo to combine their social networks with their video chat experience,” said Philippe Schwartz, CEO of ooVoo.  “The growth of our high quality service is driven by our goal to provide seamless video communication on multiple platforms.  We’ll continue to grow as we integrate social media tools and launch new products that help ooVoo accomplish anywhere, anytime video communications.”

Other changes in version 2.9 include the launch of “ooVoo Buddy,” a tool designed to help users create video messages or launch a multi-person call, and inform users of new features that can enhance their ooVoo experience.  Also in version 2.9, phone contacts are listed in a user-friendly roster that makes it easier to start a phone call and send a video call link to an email address.  With a new full screen feature, ooVoo users can change to full screen video from a side-bar mode by simply clicking on the users’ video.             

Summary of new features:

•    Upload video messages & video calls directly to YouTube from your ooVoo account
•    Share ooVoo status messages on Facebook
•    Change viewing modes and record video calls in full screen.

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