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Pay as you Go VoIP

This company emailed me to espouse their inexpensive pre-paid calling cards and Universal Lifeline Telephone Service (sometimes referred to as "ULTS" or "Lifeline") which they claim "offers low-income households basic residential service at about half the normal cost."

Ok, my question is, "Why only half when residential VoIP can be even cheaper than that?" My second question is, why aren't there more VoIP players like Zoom that offer pre-paid or "pay as you go" VoIP service with no monthly fees? There is surely a huge market demand for "pay as you go" or pre-paid VoIP calling, but alas, the major broadband VoIP players are sticking to their monthly plans. Reminds me of my gym membership where I have been paying $65/month and I haven't gone in 3 months. Why can't I just do the gym "pay as I go" and pay for when I actually use it? It's a damn racket I tell ya!

Anyway, read the news release for yourself.

Cardinal Communications, Inc. (OTC Bulletin Board: CDNC), a leading provider of voice, video and high-speed broadband communications services, today announced that its Get-A-Phone Telecommunications subsidiary has executed a statewide agreement with the largest incumbent telephone company in Florida and begun delivering local telephone and long distance services to customers in multiple markets, including the Orlando and Pensacola metropolitan areas.

Get-A-Phone is a provider of convenient and cost-effective communication alternatives to traditional telephone service.  It offers a broad variety of telephony solutions, including pre-paid and post-paid dial-tone, pre-paid long distance and Universal Lifeline Telephone Service (sometimes referred to as "ULTS" or "Lifeline") which offers low-income households basic residential service at about half the normal cost.

Byron Young, Get-A-Phone president, stated, "We have targeted Florida as a key growth market for our telephony product suite. Our research has shown there are substantial gaps in the telephone services offered to certain demographic segments in the state.  Initial response to Get-A-Phone has been positive since it was first launched and we've been adding customers at a brisk pace since we began delivering service."

Get-A-Phone is delivered via pre-paid calling cards, marketed by its nationwide network of distributors and master value-added resellers, or by registration through traditional media outlets, such as radio, print and TV. Customers have the option of paying by mail or in-person at more than 60,000 convenient locations throughout the U.S. To sign up, customers simply purchase their pre-paid service, eliminating the need for up-front deposits, credit checks or identification. In its most recent quarterly report, Get-A-Phone announced more than 20 percent growth in its customer base during the fiscal quarter ended March 31, 2005.

The company is planning to expand its reach into other parts of the South in the near future.

Dave Weisman, Cardinal Communications CEO, added, "Cardinal Communications is laser-focused on delivering a rich set of communication services to its growing customer base.  We offer comprehensive design, implementation and provisioning of broadband services to our developer and municipality customers, as well as video, data, security and a host of voice services to our wholesale and retail subscribers." 

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