Phantom Traffic: Identifiable but Not Billable

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Phantom Traffic: Identifiable but Not Billable

I came across an interesting article from Billing World that I thought I'd point out. It discusses how traffic can be identified but not billed, as well as "tricks" to disquise where the call originated from. The article claims that 20 to 30 percent of terminating traffic is unbillable and that the problem is
expected to get even worse with growing VoIP and wireless traffic.

Here's a teaser...

The term "phantom traffic" is a misnomer, as most independents
(independent operating companies, IOCs) are well aware of the extra
traffic flowing through their networks. What is unknown is the
traffic's origin, which makes much of this traffic unbillable, despite
the completion of calls. Where CLEC switches are used for numerous
LATAs, reciprocal compensation billing also is being affected. Read the full article.

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