PhoneGnome wonders - Where's the Voice 2.0 developers?

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PhoneGnome wonders - Where's the Voice 2.0 developers?

David Beckemeyer, CEO and Founder of TelEvolution has an excellent rant wondering where the Voice 2.0 developeres are. David's company productes a very cool ATA-type device called the PhoneGnome that he has allowed developers to write apps for.

David rants, "PhoneGnome has offered a free API for almost a year now. But where are the innovators?" He does mention that Iotum, one of the leading Voice 2.0 companies, has developed for the PhoneGnome, but opines "where are the rest?".

While David obviously has a vested/conflict interest in sparking some controversy about why developers haven't been breaking down his door to develop for the PhoneGnome product, he has a valid point. Where are the Voice 2.0 developers?

Well, if I may suggest David (with a vested/conflict of interest of my own), TMC's 4th Annual Communications Developer Conference (formerly VoIP Developer Conference) is just a few months away. It's focused on Voice 2.0 developers, and is being held May 15-17, 2007 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Santa Clara, California. It's a much more technical audience that ITEXPO or VON, so it might be the target audience you're looking for.

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