PhoneRanger announces new wireless headset for VoIP, Podcasts and Internet Radio

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PhoneRanger announces new wireless headset for VoIP, Podcasts and Internet Radio

Phone RangerJust found out about a new USB/wireless headset device from PhoneRanger targetting the VoIP market. Sure, USB headsets are a dime-a-dozen, but this product is a bit different, which I will explain in a bit.

According to PhoneRanger, "PhoneRanger 2.0 was designed to meet the need for affordable wireless headsets that can fit within the typical work environment. PhoneRanger 2.0 consists of a lightweight rechargeable headset the rests on a docking station for recharging while not in use." They sent me an email announcing the product which promoted it as "a new wireless headset for Voice-over-IP, Podcasting and Internet Radio"

Using the 47-49 MHz band, the PhoneRanger 2.0 has a range of up to 10 meters and a single charged life of three hours. Here's where it gets interesting. According to the installation instructions you plug in the power line to any USB port and connect the voice lines to the PC’s soundcard and then just wear the wireless headset. So if I understand their explanation, essentially this device uses the USB port to charge the wireless headset piece when not in use. It's not entirely clear from their website if this is the case, but I don't see why you would need BOTH the USB port and the soundcard otherwise. I assume the soundcard is for the audio and unlike most USB headsets, this product merely uses the USB port for recharging the wireless headset when not in use.

According to PhoneRanger, "No batteries, no complicated Bluetooth pairing, just plug-and-play on Day 1" Further, "With PhoneRanger 2.0, you can listen to your DVDs, CDs or downloaded podcasts; or dial into your favorite music or talk radio program on the Internet; or load your Instant Messenger or softphone to talk to your online friends for free."

Sure, Bluetooth can be a bit of a headache for noobs, but the people using Skype or other VoIP softphone clients are usually pretty technically inclined. It's an interesting idea using USB for the recharging and the sound card for the audio, but I'm just not sure I'd be willing to give up a standard Bluetooth headset to use this device. I should also point out that typically sound cards have much more latency than audio travelling across a USB connection.

In any event, the PhoneRanger 2.0 is priced at $69.99 (US).

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