Pingtel and Voxbone interoperate

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Pingtel and Voxbone interoperate

Pingtel, a provider of open source, Linux-based enterprise VoIP solutions, and Voxbone, a provider of international VoIP origination services will announce on Monday the completion of interoperability testing between their respective offerings. As a result of this certification, customers can select Pingtel's SIPxchange IP-PBX VoIP software solution in combination with Voxbone's call origination services and thereby benefit from cost-effective calls routed to a SIP-based device (IP-phone, IP-PBX, etc.).

When a customer is in need of an international presence the customer interconnects via VoIP to the closest Voxbone POP. Voxbone then allocates the desired amount of numbers and capacity to the customer. When someone calls to one of these numbers Voxbone forwards the call via VoIP to the customer. Unique to the Voxbone offering is that they only charge a fixed monthly fee for this service - there are no per-minute fees. Here's a diagram explaining the architecture. The POPs are on the left and the SIP device (such as Pingtel) is on the right. The middle is the network/Internet.

Voxbone Architecture

Voxbone leases international VoIP virtual phone numbers and worldwide origination services via VoIP to organizations in North and South America, Europe and Asia/Pacific regions. Using either direct inbound dial (DID) or virtual numbers from Voxbone, customers may receive inexpensive, locally dialed phone calls from 50 countries and 4,000 cities throughout the world.

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