Polycom KIRK DECT SIP Phones

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Polycom KIRK DECT SIP Phones

polycom-kirk5040.jpgPolycom today announced the launch of its latest KIRK Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) wireless products. Polycom has introduced three new products: the KIRK Wireless Server (KWS) 300, the KWS 6000, and the KIRK 5040 handset. which are all SIP-based.

The name KIRK certainly evokes Captain Kirk from Star Trek and most likely intentionally, since Captain Kirk and his crew made the wireless communicator famous 40 years ago. No doubt Polycom has some Trekkies in their engineering or marketing teams.

Of course, I should mention that Polycom acquired Spectralink, a well known wireless phone manufacturer and Spectralink previously acquired Kirk Telecom, the makers of these DECT wireless phones. So the product name is simply a reflection of their corporate name. So perhaps all this Trekkie analogy business is moot. Or maybe they named their company Kirk Telecom to honor Captain Kirk. Stranger things have happened.

All KIRK solutions are scalable, both in terms of the number of users as well as the coverage areas supported. The latest additions to the KIRK Wireless Server portfolio include:
  • The KIRK Wireless Server 300, a SIP-based wireless telephony system, is ideal for smaller sized businesses, by scaling support from one to 12 handsets The KIRK Wireless Server 300 is a single-cell solution that can support up to four simultaneously calls and up to six KIRK repeaters in order to extend the coverage area. Each KIRK repeater increases the coverage area by approximately 50 percent.
  • The KWS 6000 is a SIP-based enterprise wireless telephony solution that scales from just a handful up to more than 4,000 users. Up to 256 radio units are supported, which when combined with the KIRK Media Resource, can support more than 1,000 simultaneous calls. Each KIRK base station handles 12 simultaneous calls, and customers can scale up based on their individual needs. Additionally, KIRK repeaters can be added to increase the coverage area by approximately 50 percent.
The KIRK 5040 handset, the newest addition to the KIRK product line, is a lightweight DECT phone that combines an intuitive user interface and wireless headset that can be operated hands-free and wirelessly with a Bluetooth headset. Like the KIRK 5020, the 5040 can quickly be switched to silent mode and will distinguish between external and internal calls by ring tone. The KIRK 5040 handset also features an intuitive user interface and a large color-display offering an experience similar to a mobile phone and with the added benefit of hands-free operation.

Features of the 5040:
  • TFT colour display (65.000 colours, 8 lines of text/icons)
  • Li-ion battery
  • 4 Way navigation key
  • 2 Softkeys
  • CLIP (40 caller-ID presentations)
  • Date and time in display when supported by system
  • Internal/external ring pattern
  • Volume control
  • Telephone book with 250 name entries (4 numbers per name)
  • Auto login - roaming between 10 different installations
  • Silent mode (mutes all alerts/calls)
  • Alerting on silent mode (choice from display flash, vibrator or short ring)
  • Call list of incoming/missed/received (last 40 entries)
  • Redial function from call list
  • Speed dial
  • Auto answer with different settings (after 1st ring/when lifted from charger/on headset/loud speaker on)
  • 10 different ring signals and adjustable ring volume
  • Key lock
  • Auto key lock
  • Vibrating alert
  • Any key answer
  • 11 menu languages (UK, FR, DE, ES, IT, NL, CZ, PL, DK, NO, SE)
  • Headset connection
  • Ring signal in headset
  • Adjustable volume in headset
  • Answer/end calls via headset button
  • Microphone mute
  • Speaker on auto-answer
  • R-key for transfer and special services
  • Adjustable alerting volume (low battery/low coverage/incoming message)
  • Adjustable backlight delay (for max. battery conservation)
  • Text messaging - max. 72 characters per message (system dependant) 10 user defined messaging templates
  • Stores 20 messages
  • Speech/stand by time: Up to 15/100 hours
  • Weight incl. battery: 110g
  • Size (LxWxH): 146x48x19mm
  • 2 types of chargers (w/wo USB 2.0 connection)
  • Suitable for Bluetooth headsets

Pricing & Availability
The new KIRK solutions are available worldwide through Polycom's certified reseller partners. The list price for the KWS 300 is U.S. $360. The KWS 6000 list price is U.S. $1,200 and includes a server and one base station, which supports up to 30 users. With the scalable nature of the KWS6000 it can also be set up for more users. The KIRK 5040 handset sells at a list price of U.S. $310. To learn more about Polycom's KIRK phone solution, head here.

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