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Popular Telephony and Ewoophone

More Popular Telephony news. On a related note, I'm moderating the P2P VoIP session tomorrow, which includes Popular Telephony, Skype, and others. Can't wait!


Miami, FL and Sophia Antipolis, France, February 23 2005 - Popular Telephony, the telecommunications middleware company and creator of Peerio - the innovative technology for server-free, peer-to-peer communications, today at the Internet Telephony conference in Miami, FL announced that China-based Ewoophone will be the first VoIP service provider in Asia to offer PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone VoIP service using Peerio serverless technology.

Ewoophone customers in China will be able to place domestic and international VoIP calls via Peerio-enabled client software, IP phones and media gateways operated by Ewoophone.

Peerio is a groundbreaking patents pending core technology based upon middleware that implements a serverless voice and data communications system. Peerio eliminates the need for any centralized server and allows any IP phone, Personal Computer (PC), endpoint or other terminal to interconnect and materialize into a complete communications system that is self-servicing and self-healing, redundant and secure. The Peerio autonomous telephony architecture brings greater efficiency for communications as well as substantial cost-effectiveness, saving up to 80% of the system or application cost. A Peerio-intelligent device or system is capable of supporting the widest possible range of telephony features and services, delivering up to 450 features, and can seamlessly scale to over 4 billion lines simultaneously.

Ewoophone has chosen the Peerio serverless architecture as the foundation for their VoIP services, which will expand with serverless capabilities and new enhanced features. Enterprise customers and home users alike will use Ewoophone-branded Peerio-powered soft phones, IP phones and other communications devices to make low-cost VoIP peer-to-peer (P2P) calls. Ewoophone will also support the Peerio Global Numbering Plan (GNUP). GNUP enables interconnection between Ewoophone’s users in China with the global community of VoIP and Peerio users, as well as provides a termination point for PSTN calls routed to China over the Internet. 

Developed by Popular Telephony, Peerio GNUP is Global Numbering Plan application for VoIP communications. An autonomous part of the Peerio core technology, GNUP is a lightweight peer-to-peer software that provides VoIP presence and access services for all types of VoIP applications including Peerio, Liphone, IChat IV, Skype, any SIP/H.323 client across all types of networks.


GNUP works by assigning users with a unique identification number for seamless accessibility with any GNUP-enabled terminal or other network user through a GNUP partner service provider, while supporting full portability. A GNUP user can activate their number wherever they have Internet access and the GNUP software is installed. GNUP can easily be carried on a smartcard or other storage device or simply downloaded from the web site by users keying in their log on information. GNUP then detects their online presence and makes them accessible for interaction.

We are very glade to partner with Popular Telephony to deliver real P2P VoIP services across the Asia region. This will help us greatly reduce the burden on our future expansion as Peerio is just the pie we are looking for,” said Wilson Shan, the co-founder and CEO of Ewoophone.

"We are pleased to be working with Ewoophone to pioneer the business of serverless telephony in one of the fastest growing regions for telecommunications," said Dmitry Goroshevsky, CEO of Popular Telephony. "Ewoophone is an important addition to our rapidly growing list of partners in Asia, and around the world, who are contributing to the expansion and utilization of serverless communications."

About Ewoophone Technology

Innovative and inspired, Ewoophone Technology (ET) is a leading edge VoIP service provider and strategic telecom partner offering telephony services and other leading value added Internet services. With experience in telecommunications operations and broadband Internet services Ewoophone has become a leading developed high-tech enterprise in China.


ET promotes VoIP applications and terminals to businesses, families and individuals, targeting those segments to use the Internet to the fullest of its capabilities.



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