Popular Telephony GNUP Registry Now Live

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Popular Telephony GNUP Registry Now Live

The GNUP registry is now live, so you can go register for a number. Since I was one of the first to register, I figured i'd get a really cool number or one east to remember, like "(8844) 1000000002", alas it was not to be... I got (8844) 4294967281. Ah well... I guess I can't have everything now can I?

I should point out that the softclient still doesn't appear finished as I ran the PTInspector again and the softclient still hasn't downloaded, but they promise me it's coming shortly.

here's the confirmation email you get from Popular Telephony when you register a GNUP number:
Hello, !

This is confirmation of your registration with www.gnup.org. Thank you!

We're pleased to tell you that your GNUP Number request has been processed successfully. For your convenience we've provided your with Number and Password below.

GNUP Number: (8844) 4294967281 (Note: you can call me at this # once it goes live)

When GNUP is uploaded to your computer by PTInspector, simply tape in your Number and Password, follow the instructions and.... Become Accessible!
Communicate your GNUP to your friends and enjoy the chatting, using any VoIP client software you choose!

CAUTION: Protect Your Password - you should never give your GNUP password to anyone!

If you didn't register at www.gnup.org, please disregard this E-mail.

If you forgot your number or password, please email to: ooups@gnup.org.
In case of any other problems, contact us at support@gnup.org.

Thanks again for joining the GNUP!


Finally, here's the link to go register for a GNUP number.
Register for GNUP

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