RADCOM and Comarco Partnership

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RADCOM and Comarco Partnership

Radcom gave me advance notice on this release announced today regarding their next-gen cellular testing solution through a partnership with Comarco, Inc. They have partnered to collaborate on the development of a next-generation testing solution that integrates both companies'
core technologies for service monitoring of 2.5G and 3G networks, including GPRS, UMTS and CDMA2000. (by the way, I've used several of Radcom's testing products and I liked all of them.)

With networks converging and "touching" each other in ever more complex ways, the ability to diagnose, test, simulate, and troubleshoot problems becomes increasingly important. With VoIP now being added to just about every type of network you can think of, latency testing and voice quality measurements are critical. RADCOM hopes to address these needs with their line of testing products used in conjunction with partnerships that offer value-add to their testing line of products, such as the one announced today...

Here's the release:

Tel Aviv, Israel -- November 23, 2004 - RADCOM Ltd. (NASDAQ: RDCM), a leading network test and service monitoring solutions provider and Comarco, Inc. (NASDAQ: CMRO), a leading provider of wireless test solutions, today announced a partnership agreement. The collaboration will allow development of a next-generation testing solution that integrates both companies'
core technologies for service monitoring of 2.5G and 3G networks including GPRS, UMTS and CDMA2000.

The next-generation solution will allow service providers and vendors to improve efficiency and end-to-end analysis of cellular networks. The solution will correlate network abnormalities by combining Comarco's Seven.Five radio frequency (RF) technology with RADCOM's Cellular Expert solution, which relies on hardware probes for its network data. This will enable service providers to validate the end-users' quality of service by performance monitoring of the entire network from the RF through to radio access, core signaling and IP. Furthermore, the combined solution will simplify troubleshooting of jitter, packet loss, jerkiness, noise and audio/video synchronization problems across data, voice and video telephony. It will help mobile device vendors and network operators to build and maintain networks that consistently provision high quality services such as video telephony, video streaming, and E-mail.

"We are confident that combining forces with a market leader such as Comarco will produce a sophisticated and comprehensive solution for service providers and vendors," said David Ripstein General Manager of products and technologies at RADCOM. "Comarco's advanced all-in-one architecture is the perfect match for RADCOM's network analysis solutions. Our affiliation is bound to generate new criteria for cellular quality management solutions."

"As competition amongst service providers worldwide grows, the demand for quality of service test and optimization solutions increases," said Greg Maton, Senior Vice President of Comarco. "We are certain that with RADCOM's technological advantages, this next-generation testing tool will be a powerful solution, offering service providers and vendors an array of benefits."

About Comarco

Based in Irvine, Calif., Comarco is a leading provider of wireless test solutions for field test applications, ChargeSource(R) universal mobile power products and wireless emergency call box systems. Comarco's industry-lead ing Seven.Five(TM) wireless test system for field test applications allows cellular telephone system operators to improve the quality of their cellular phone service through voice, video and data benchmarking and system optimizatio n using advanced QoS algorithms and a unique multi-technology RF scanner.
Seven.Five's open architecture supports both current cellular operating system technologies and the new 3G systems being implemented in international markets.

Based on reported year-to-date sales data, ChargeSource is the largest selling line of products able to recharge and power a variety of mobile devices, including laptop computers, cellular telephones, digital cameras, PDAs and other handheld devices, through a single power source.

In addition, Comarco's call box systems are in place on most major highway systems throughout the United States and are used by motorists to contact local authorities for rapid assistance. More information about Comarco's product lines can be found at www.Comarco.com, www.wi-fianalyzer.com and www.chargesource.com.


RADCOM designs, manufactures, markets and supports network test and quality management solutions for service providers, developers and enterprises worldwide. The company specializes in comprehensive performance measurement and voice quality management systems for VoIP and cellular converged networks as well as in a line of high quality, integrated, multitechnology WAN/LAN/ATM test solutions. For more information, please visit www.RADCOM.com.

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