Rimax Mystic VoIP MP3 player

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Rimax Mystic VoIP MP3 player

Rimax Mystic VoIP MP3 playerThe Rimax Mystic is a new MP3 / MP4 and video player that also doubles as a VoIP phone using it's built-in microphone. You connect it to your PC via USB and the Mystic becomes a VoIP phone. Technically it's just another USB audio device with both speaker and microphone that can be used b yany application - whether it be Skype or listening to iTunes.  In addition to being able to play your PC audio, and use it as a microphone device for VoIP applications, it recharges while connected to the USB port. Take that video iPod - you got nothing!

The Mystic comes with a full color 1.5" screen and a choice of either 512MB, 1GB or 2GB of memory. It comes in multiple casing color flavors including blue, green, white or orange. Audio formats supported include MP1, MP2, MP3, WMA, WMV, WAV, ACT, WAV. It also has FM radio with up to 20 preset stations.  You can also record using the built-in microphone as a voice recorder or record direct from radio.

Personally, I think this (VoIP) is a bit of an unnecessary feature in an MP3 player. Just make a really good MP3 and video player and forget about all this extra fluff. Besides, I'd rather use a wireless Bluetooth headset than be chained to my desk because of the USB wire. But that's just me.

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