Samsung BCS IP-PBX goes wireless

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Samsung BCS IP-PBX goes wireless

Samsung Business Communication Systems (BCS) has a new OfficeServ Wireless application. Running on Samsung's iDCS 500 IP-enabled, iDCS 100 IP-enabled, and the recently introduced OfficeServ 7200 platform, OfficeServ Wireless is designed to bring WiFi VoIP to the enterprise. The most impressive part of this news in my opinion is that it supports up to 240 wireless handsets even during heavy data traffic. They must be doing some sort of QoS and packet prioritization using ToS or some other QoS methods.

"OfficeServ Wireless allows users to stay connected and be more productive, even when they're not at their desks. By making communications more efficient and employees increasingly more accessible, we believe our end users, and ultimately, our end-users' customers will be more satisfied," said Steve Gobeli, vice president of Samsung Telecommunications America, Business Communication Systems Division. "This application enhances communications capabilities for environments such as hospitals, large warehouses, educational institutions and manufacturing plants and many other types of enterprises by bringing a completely wireless office into the workplace."

The solutions consists of three primary components a Wireless Line Interface (WLI) card, a Wireless Access Point and the WIP-5000M wireless IP handset and itĀ operates wirelessly on a 2.4 GHz frequency band via wireless LAN (WLAN) technology. According to Samsung, it is "Built to deliver superior voice quality, even during heavy data traffic, and reduce costs by eliminating monthly airtime charges, the solution can support up to 240 wireless handsets and delivers full-feature integration with Samsung IP-enabled phone systems. The system is easily programmable through the keyset or a networked PC and is designed for setup with easy installation and minimal training."

"This next step in convergence was very clear to Samsung BCS," added Gobeli. "Bring together the best of voice, data, wireless and wireline on one platform. With OfficeServ Wireless, the final piece is in place to make business communications, regardless of the device or type of traffic, easy, fast and efficient without sacrificing quality."

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