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Nimbuzz Launches Mac client

July 15, 2009

Nimbuzz adds iPhone push notifications

July 14, 2009

Just noticed my iPhone listed an update for Nimbuzz and it now features highly-anticipated push notifications, thus allowing IMs, voicemail notification, etc. even if Nimbuzz is closed. This update also features faster login, improved buddy list layout, send & receive files and photos, and more. Downloading it now!
(ignore the date in the screenshot, that's the date the app first appeared in the App Store)

Just tried it using Skype and Windows Live accounts.

eBuddy for iPhone Supports Push Notifications

July 1, 2009

Ok, so the just launched Skype 1.1 for iPhone doesn't support push notifications, but eBuddy, a brand new app for the iPhone or iPod touch does support push notifications. What does this mean? It means you can close eBuddy and still receive instant messages (IMs) from your buddies. Further, eBuddy is an IM aggregator supporting MSN, Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, Gtalk, and Facebook.

Skype for iPhone 1.1 Update

July 1, 2009

Late last night I saw an update notifications on my iPhone 3GS for Skype. New version? Sweet! I updated it and checked out the release notes for Skype 1.1 for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Big Stage Adds Cool 3D Avatars to Skype

June 25, 2009

Big Stage today announced that their popular 3D avatars based on pictures of your own face now works on Skype with their new Skype Add-on. It's similar in concept to JibJab, perhaps the most popular site to feature animated avatars based on your own face. However, Big Stage goes one step further with technology that lets you move, change expressions, and more. I downloaded the beta to check it out.

Military Suspension Plan from VoIP Providers - Who's Going to Step Up?

June 24, 2009

I received an email from a U.S. military service person asking me if I was aware of any VoIP service providers offering a "military suspension plan" which allows U.S. military members to "suspend" your contract without paying monthly fees.

Mr. Tom Keating,

I'm a current customer of Vonage, but have recently been disappointed by them. You see, being in the military, deployments do not allow us to use our regular phones, for obvious reasons.

Skype Video Calls on Google Android

June 19, 2009

What if you could do Skype VoIP & video conferencing on the Google Android? Sounds pretty damn cool, doesn't it? Especially given all the media hype surrounding the new iPhone 3GS. I already tweeted my displeasure that the new Apple iPhone 3GS doesn't support Flash and also tweeted my annoyance that Apple didn't put a front-facing camera for video chat support using Skype.

flaphone, the Flash Web-based SIP-to-SIP & SIP-to-Skype VoIP App, Adds New Features

June 18, 2009

Flaphone has done some updates to their Flash-based VoIP application. Back in 2007 I broke the story about the first Adobe Flash-based SIP VoIP app called Flashphone, later renamed Flaphone. Flaphone is a web-based SIP softphone that uses ubiquitous Flash (Mac, PC, Linux), to enable you to make or receive calls to/from all SIP phones and SIP services, including Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, and Google Talk. You can make free web-based Flash calls to Yahoo! Messenger, MSN Messenger, and Google Talk (gtalk) users.

sipgate enters U.S VoIP Broadband Market offering free calls

June 2, 2009

Today, sipgate is launching a new free VoIP broadband phone service called sipgate one. sipgate one is similar to Vonage, Packet8, and other broadband VoIP providers, but with some additional cool features and a fairly unique pricing plan. For instance, you get a free telephone number, no set-up costs and no monthly charges or minimums.

I spoke with sipgate CEO Thilo Salmon to find out more about sipgate one.

Truphone 3.0 comes to the Apple iPod touch

June 1, 2009

Truphone today launched Truphone 3.0, a major new upgrade to its mobile VoIP application for the Apple iPod touch. Truphone 3.0 was already available for the Apple iPhone, so this release just brings the latest features to the popular iPhone touch.

IM services currently supported include Skype, MSN Messenger, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk. It also does free calls when in Wi-Fi to other Truphone users as well as free WiFi calls to Skype and Google Talk users. Though I would like to see 3G data support to enable VoIP over 3G.

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