snom m3 DECT SIP Phone Coming to North America

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snom m3 DECT SIP Phone Coming to North America

snom m3
In late 2007, snom announced the snom m3 DECT wireless SIP phone. snom sent me a review unit a few months ago to review and alas it's been sitting on my large pile of VoIP products to check out. The m3 is a cool looking phone and very gadgety, so usually I would have torn into the box and played with it the same day I got it, but if I set aside other projects every time I got a cool gadget, I'd never get anything done.

Well, I finally had time to install and test the snom m3 and hope to write a review soon. For now, I'd like to share today's news that the snom m3 wireless VoIP Phone now being generally available in North America. First check out the cool specs...

• Display: 128 x 128 pixels, 65536 colors, backlit
• Li-Ion battery pack for 10 hours of calls or 100 hours standby
• Range: 164 feet indoors, 328 feet outdoors
• 12 numerical keys, 5 navigation keys, 2 function keys
• Speakerphone on mobile handset
• Polyphonic ringtones
• Automatic registration of handset
• Separate charging cradle for handset
• 8 handsets per base station
• 8 SIP registrations with different servers/registrars
• Up to 3 concurrent calls per base station
• Three-way conference
• Remote setup, password protection
• Open DECT GAP standard

You can now buy the snom m3 on Amazon.

Update: Also check out my snom m3 review

Check out the news after the jump...
snom Expands SIP Phone Portfolio Beyond the Desktop with New Mobile VoIP phone; m3 IP DECT Phone Offers Elegance and Mobility
without Compromising Audio Quality

snom technology AG, developer and manufacturer of Voice-over-IP (VoIP) telephones, today announced that its new cordless VoIP phone, the snom m3, is available and shipping in North American via snom's extensive network of distributor partners in the United States. The snom m3 is the company's first cordless offering and provides an optimal VoIP communication system for the home office, SMB or enterprise.

"The snom m3's unique blend of mobility, elegent design and advanced VoIP features has has already received an enthusiastic reception in Europe and we are excited by its potential in North America," said Michael Kneiling, CFO and executive vice president of marketing and sales for snom. "The snom m3 provides VoIP users with the best of both worlds - true mobility and rich, high fidelity audio quality."

With an indoor range of 164 feet and an outdoor range of 328 feet, the snom m3 is an expandable system with multiline functionality for up to eight handsets - allowing for up to three parallel calls at time. It has a 128 x 128 pixel color display with backlight function and operates for 10 hours talk time or 100 hours standby. Additional features include three-way conference calls, call transferring, music while on hold, call forwarding, and speed dialing with an address book allowing up to 100 entries. The snom m3 menu is easily configurable to meet each user's needs and allows the option to configure remotely.

The snom m3 was created by renowned designer, Sebastian Stroschein of Stroschein Product Design, Berlin. Stroschein is particularly well-known for luxury car installations including the Bluetooth handset installed in the Maybach limousine, all mobile phone holders in Mercedes-Benz cars, including the iPhone holder, and for the handsets in Porsches and BMWs.

"It was a great challenge for me to work with snom, and the task was by no means less demanding than working with the large car manufacturers," said Stroschein, "I am convinced of the advantages of VoIP, and I look forward to this phone, which - with its high-quality design - will make the innovative technology 'visible' on the outside."

Snom DECT Repeater
Coming this June to North America is the snom DECT Repeater that doubles the range of the snom m3 to 328 feet indoors and 656 feet outdoors. The snom DECT Repeater complements the DECT Base Station and features easy, plug in play activation and two internal antennas to ensure seamless intercell Base Station-Repeater handoffs. Designed for both the enterprise and residential markets, each DECT Base Station can scale to support up to six repeaters at one time.

The snom m3 is available via snom's network of North American distributors today. The snom m3 was first introduced in Europe in the fall of 2007 and has been gradually introduced in North America in the first quarter of 2008. The snom DECT Repeater is available today in Europe and will be available in North America in early summer.

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