Snom's new 220 VoIP phone

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Snom's new 220 VoIP phone

I am a fan of the Snom VoIP phones, TMC Labs reviewed a couple Snom phones recently and were pretty impressed. (Snom 100 and 200 product review)

so I thought I would share their press release announcing their new 220 phone which features a 128 X 64 pixel graphical backlit display:

Berlin, 2004-08-10: snom technology, situated in Berlin, is expanding its VoIP phones business line with the new IP phone snom 220, which has been specially developed for the small and medium-sized enterprise segment. This high-end affordable device addresses the communication needs of power users such as executive and administrative staff who require very high standards from communication systems.

Convenience is guaranteed by the 128 x 64 pixel graphical backlit display. The snom 220 is easy and intuitive to use thanks to its four dynamic context- sensitive soft keys, which guide the user through call features and functions. Users who prefer to make hands-free calls have the option of using a headset.
With the key extension module Keypad 220, call coverage and management are very easy to handle. The user is able to cascade up to three units to the device and increase the number of programmable keys up to 60.

Advanced features such as UPnP, STUN, ENUM and an extra Ethernet port are supported. The snom 220 can be integrated with components from different established vendors. A centralized update mechanism can keep the phone automatically up-to-date. Due to a standard encryption option of the IT area (TLS-Transport Layer Security) an optimal configuration protection and prevention against wiretapping for all devices are guaranteed.

· graphical backlit display (128x64)
· 5 programmable function keys
· RFC 3261-compliant SIP stack
· H.323/H.450 stack
· NAT support
· 16-bit, 16 kHz audio subsystem
· 2 port Ethernet switch
· national language support (NLS)
· Asian Language Support (ALS): Japanese
· loose routing and strict routing support
· blind and attended transfer
· call hold, call wait
· music on hold support
· call completion
· call intrusion
· call divert
· number guessing
· speed dialing
· handsfree mode dialing
· missed calls, taken calls
· call waiting indication
· STUN client (NAT traversal)
· Plug and Play support (UPnP)
· HTTP Server
· phone book
· conference call
· redial
· several ring tones

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