Sony standardizes video conferencing to work with Cisco

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Sony standardizes video conferencing to work with Cisco

Sony standardizes video conferencing products to work seamlessly with Cisco CallManager.

Here's the news:

Integration with Cisco CallManager makes video call just like placing phone call

Sony of Canada Ltd., Canada's leading electronic and computer products solutions provider for consumers, today announced that two of its most popular video conferencing product lines will integrate tightly with the Cisco CallManager system to enable businesses of all sizes to receive and transmit crisp, clear video and voice signals with hassle-free set-up.

Cisco CallManager 4.0 allows users to make video calls the same way they dial a telephone call. Cisco CallManager is the software-based call-processing component of the Cisco enterprise IP (Internet protocol) telephony solution.

The software extends enterprise telephony features and capabilities to packet telephony network devices such as IP phones, media processing devices, VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) gateways, and multimedia applications. "We have been expanding our presence in the IP communications market since the introduction of the PCS-1 IP-ready videoconference system in 2003," said Geoff McMurdo, Group Marketing Manager, Application Systems Division, Broadcast Communication Solutions Group, Sony of Canada Ltd. "The integration
with Cisco CallManager allows us to enhance the IP communications experience with simple, user-friendly videoconference call set-up for enterprise IP telephones."

The CallManager solution will be integrated with Sony's PCS-1 camera, microphone and speaker combination for group videoconferencing, as well as for the PCS-TL50 desktop unit. The Sony PCS-TL50 is an all-in-one video conference terminal with a 20-inch LCD (liquid crystal display) screen, camera, microphone and speaker, ideal for an executive's office or where meeting space is at a premium.

"We are excited to be working together with Sony to continue our mission of making video telephony as easy as placing a telephone call," said Barry O'Sullivan, Vice President & General Manager, IP Communications Business Unit, Cisco Systems Corporation. "With both Cisco and Sony sharing a common objective, our mutual customers will benefit from a solutions approach to providing high-quality, easy-to-use video conferencing products."

Key advantages of the solution include the following:
Easy Setup - The PCS-TL50 and PCS-1 terminals operating with Cisco
CallManager 4.0 enable users to simply dial the phone number of the video
conference call without needing to input IP addresses;

Easy Video to Voice - Users can easily connect to multiple parties within
the same IP telephony network, even if some are not on a video conferencing

Device and Network Agnostic - The PCS-TL50 and PCS-1 allow users in the
SCCP (skinny client control protocol) network to directly dial conference call
attendees who may be on different devices (e.g., mobile phones) and/or
different networks (e.g., DSL, mobile cellular); and

Easy IT Support - Because the two video conferencing systems operate on
Cisco's global SCCP, IT staff can provide quick support.

Availability for the Sony PCS-TL50 and PCS-1 video conferencing terminals
will be April 2005.

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