SyChip Unveils SyVoice Family of VoIP Solutions for the Mobile Handset Market

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SyChip Unveils SyVoice Family of VoIP Solutions for the Mobile Handset Market

Some dual mode WiFi/VoIP news to share. SyChip has unveiled theirs SyVoice family of VoIP solutions for the mobile handset market. According to Sychip, this new VoIP module delivers a complete turnkey solution that allows over 5 hours of talk time and 100 hour of stand-by time.

SyChip, the leader in Radio Frequency Chip Scale Modules/System in Package (CSM/SIP), today introduced the VWLAN7100 Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) CSM, the first in its SyVoice family of products for feature phones, smart phones and PDA Phones. The VWLAN7100 CSM is a complete end-to-end Voice over Wireless LAN solution that can be quickly integrated into mobile phones to support the emerging dual-mode cellular and local area networks.

“SyVoice is our family of highly integrated and programmable modules that is targeted to the VoIP market. We’re excited to release this product as the convergence of cellular and WLAN is rapidly taking hold in the wireless market space,” said Moses Asom, co-founder and senior vice president of marketing and business development at SyChip. “We have one of the first products that is specifically targeted to the dual-mode cellular phone market.”

The VWLAN7100 CSM is a complete plug-n-play solution that includes all the hardware and software necessary to add VoIP and data functions to a standard cell phone.  The module allows a mobile phone to roam between a cellular network and a WLAN network, giving the user the flexibility to maintain the most cost effective voice connection.  The module also allows a high-data-rate data connection over a WLAN network for standard data functions like Web browsing and email access.

"Market interest for dual-mode phones combining cellular and Mobile VoIP technology has seen an upward growth this year and will explode with adoption over the next few years," said J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., principal analyst of MobileTrax. "SyChip's SyVoice product offers an elegant combination of voice and Wi-Fi in a single module. The implementation of multiple filtering technologies and a VoIP engine deliver a solution that addresses both quality of voice and service, as well as an efficient use of battery power."

Long battery life is a critical requirement for mobile phone manufacturers.
The SyVoice VoIP engine is optimized to reduce power dissipation by offloading all the functions necessary to maintain a VoIP call from the host processor. The VoIP engine consumes only 18mA of current during a call, allowing phones to have talk times of more than five hours and standby times in excess of 100 hours.

VWLAN7100 combines a VoIP processor and an 802.11b/g WLAN modem. The module is designed to easily interface with most baseband and application processors on the market. The module also incorporates software features such as a SIP 2.0 stack; VoCoders G.711, G.729AB, G.723, G.726, jitter buffer; call control functions including origination/termination, forwarding, waiting, hold, transfer and 3-way; audio control; and IPSEC.
SyChip will provide the driver to support operating systems such as Rex®, Windows Mobile®, Linux®, Nucleus® and Symbian® Operating Systems.

The WLAN section of the CSM supports features such as WMM®, Quality of Service (QoS) traffic prioritization critical for VoIP and multimedia applications, WPA2 (IEEE802.11i) security and Bluetooth co-existence.

Pricing and Availability
The VWLAN7100 will be available for general sampling in July and comes in a near Quad Flat No-Lead (QFN) package that allows for direct attachment to the main printed circuit board using industry standard surface mount technology. Pricing for the modules will be below $20 per unit in volumes of 10,000.

For more information on VWLAN7100, or other SyChip product, please visit

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