Talkbox Offers $10/month Unlimited U.S. and $20/month Unlimited World

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Talkbox Offers $10/month Unlimited U.S. and $20/month Unlimited World

talkbox-logo.jpg Well, we have yet another played in the broadband VoIP space named Talkbox. They're based in the Los Angeles area and acquire new customers primarily via mall outlets in the L.A. area. One of their representatives told me, "Our growth has been viral, mostly word of mouth and Vonage refugees. It's because we have no hidden fees, no credit checks, no long-term contract and it's all billed month-to month. We have five stores in Los Angeles to help our customers feel connected with their phone company. Our TV ad was banned because Ma Bell complained."

I'm skeptical the ad was pulled because of Ma Bell. Perhaps the one-finger salute in the ad had something to do with it? Here's the video:

Interestingly, they offer an unlimited worldwide plan $5 for 5 days. Talk about getting truly granular with billing and payment options. I suppose this could be useful if you or a loved one takes a trip overseas and you only need to stay in touch for 5 days or so. I guess this would be equivalent to a prepaid calling card in some ways.

They also offer TalkBox Enterprise which costs $19 per month per line with unlimited calling. The typical 4 Lines used by SMBs would cost $65 per month. I reached out to Talkbox yesterday with some questions but haven't heard back.

Definitely seems like a small player, but the price is right, so if you wanna give it a go, let me know how well they work out for you in the comments.

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