TalkSwitch and BroadVoice target the SMB with a VoIP solution

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TalkSwitch and BroadVoice target the SMB with a VoIP solution

I'm a huge fan of TalkSwitch's VoIP products designed for the SMB and have tested a few of their products. For instance, TMC Labs (of which I am a part of) reviewed the Talkswitch 48-LS about three years ago and it fared quite well in our tests. One of my main gripes was that their earlier models, which didn't have VoIP, were limited to just 2 PSTN lines. With the advent of VoIP, obviously this limitation is no longer the case. TalkSwitch is continually innovating their product line and making it well-suited for the SMB. Today, they announced a new software revision that enables interoperability between the TalkSwitch 48-CVA and BroadVoice's VoIP services. Using the TalkSwitch for the PBX functionality and BroadVoice for the PSTN termination makes this a very cost-effective choice for the SMB market. Check out the release:

TalkSwitch and BroadVoice Offer Compelling VoIP Solutions to Small and

Multi-Location Businesses

Release of TalkSwitch software version 3.22 enables interoperability between TalkSwitch 48-CVA and BroadVoice VoIP services

OTTAWA, ON - December 7, 2005 - TalkSwitch, a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative telephone systems for small and multi-location businesses, today announced general availability of TalkSwitch software version 3.22, a release ensuring interoperability between TalkSwitch 48-CVA telephone systems and the Voice over IP calling plans offered by BroadVoice.

Available to customers as a free download from the TalkSwitch website, release 3.22 enhances the existing TalkSwitch solution by offering superior VoIP operation in both TalkSwitch to TalkSwitch networks as well as TalkSwitch to Service Provider networks. The release also allows for smooth remote system configuration over IP, offering increased manageability for multi-location businesses.

Hybrid PBX telephone systems from TalkSwitch integrate traditional telephone lines as well as VoIP connections. Combining that system with a VoIP business calling plan from BroadVoice can reduce the costs customers pay to their traditional telephone carriers. It can also allow for greater control and flexibility over the way calls are handled in their offices.

"TalkSwitch has a well-earned reputation for delivering high quality, affordable telecommunications products to small and multi-location businesses," said Jan Scheeren, President and CEO, TalkSwitch. "The business calling plans offered by BroadVoice hold a lot of appeal for small businesses. Together, we offer the perfect combination of powerful telephony features, user-friendly installation/configuration, and affordable VoIP-based calling."

BroadVoice service is available globally and is currently in use in more than 120 countries. Calling plans include flat rate, unlimited domestic and international VoIP-based calling.

BroadVoice is able to deliver multiple virtual lines over a single broadband connection, meaning that companies can assign a distinct phone number to each employee. Incoming callers can then directly dial an individual, bypassing the receptionist and the Auto Attendant, allowing Direct Inward Dialing on the TalkSwitch for the first time.

"Working with a company like TalkSwitch, that has such a well regarded product is of real benefit to us," said Gene Cornfield, Vice President Business Development, BroadVoice. "Small business customers that want a complete telecommunications solution, one that includes powerful PBX features and affordable calling plans, now have an opportunity to get exactly that. This is a real win for small businesses."

TalkSwitch software version 3.22 is available immediately from For more information on combining TalkSwitch with BroadVoice, please visit

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