Texas Instruments predicts broadband & VoIP growth

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Texas Instruments predicts broadband & VoIP growth

i saw two releases from TI regarding broadband growth as well some interesting integration of VoIP onto DSL chipsets.

Check out this story on broadand growth:
Texas Instruments Predicts Continued Momentum for Broadband Business in 2004

Here is an excerpt from the second news release:
Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) today introduced two new DSL residential gateway reference designs that add Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and wireless home networking functionality. The new designs are based upon TI's AR7 DSL router- on-a-chip and combines key technologies of TI's broadband portfolio. These DSL, VoIP and WLAN technologies were designed to allow future system-level integration with platforms containing common hardware and software architectures. This design strategy made it possible to integrate the AR7 with TI's 802.11b/g platform and voice DSP with Telogy Software(R) into a single system that provides consumers with cost-effective VoIP and WLAN for their homes.
So basically what this means is that TI will be offering a VoIP gateway device (DSL-based) similar to an ATA (analog telephony adaptor) but it will be built into future DSLAMs, DSL modems, etc.

What's ironic is that the phone companies are the ones who offer DSL service. So by bundling a DSL modem with built-in VoIP capabilities the phone companies are enabling DSL users to "jump ship" from traditional (more expensive) PSTN voice to (less expensive) Voice over IP. Of course, I'm sure the phone companies will figure out a good business/pricing model so they don't cannibalize their revenue.

You can check out the full release here: TI Brings VoIP to DSL

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