TringMe Creates Flash VoiceXML Platform

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TringMe Creates Flash VoiceXML Platform

TringMe has announced a Flash-enabled VoiceXML platform. TringMe said, "A lot of infrastructure is required to build voice application, because of the complexity involved in building interactive voice applications and the need for optimum performance and carrier grade reliability. Even with the innovation on both voice and RIA (Rich Internet Applications) fronts, something is required to bridge the gap and make voice accessible from RIA in a simple manner effectively."

They added, "With TringMe, we have tried to bridge this gap. With extension of our platform, TringMe opens up VoiceXML accessibility to millions of flash and web developers to easily, yet, tightly integrate voice and telephony without having to know the intricate details of call-signalling, routing, billing etc."

Developers only require Flash and Web technologies to create rich voice and telephony applications. Applications that can be developed using TringMe's Flash VoiceXML platform include speech recognition, DTMF or text-to-speech.

The beauty of TringMe's solution is you just post a simple widget on your website and visitors can traverse your VoiceXML application. With the ubiquity of Flash on all operating systems and browsers, market penetration is very high. Along with Flash, the VoiceXML capability is also accessible from Instant Messengers, TringMe MobileVoIP, or regular phones.

TringMe stated, "We are working with key VoiceXML technology vendors to provide a fully integrated solution. Currently, we have launched this solution in private beta and is available for evaluation. We will be happy to enable it from our portal to select interested developers."

They have some sample widgets you can check out. I was able to click the holiday reservation system, speak the words "Disneyland, California" and the TringMe platform recognized my phrase and connected me to Disneyland's live reservation system. I wasn't able to traverse the Disneyland IVR since the sample widget didn't have a DTMF/touch-tone dialpad, but according to TringMe they do support DTMF in their widgets. I wished they included it in their sample widgets.

Anyway, to check out the demo Flash+VoiceXML widgets go here:

I'll embed one sample widget here to save you a click.

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