TringMe opens platform API to developers

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TringMe opens platform API to developers

Some great news for VoIP developers. Today TringMe announced it has opened up its platform APIs for developers. According to TringMe's blog, TringMe’s open API will allow developers of Adobe Flex, AIR, Symbian S60 or even a pure web platform like PHP, AJAX to create web based, mobile or standalone voice enabled applications easily.

TringMe supports an alphabet soup of standards. In fact, they boldly state, "Our modular structure allows us to offer APIs to be used by any kind of application and not tie us to Adobe Flex, AIR, PHP, AJAX or any such technology or platform. We are offering interface which is cross-platform and scalable on any language." Further, TringMe today also announced it is opening up the source code of it’s Flash based widgets. Well done TringMe!

On a related note, VoIP developers should also check out my post here for information on TMC's educational seminar targeted specifically for VoIP and communications developers.

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