tringme TringPhone Flash VoIP App Launches

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tringme TringPhone Flash VoIP App Launches

tringphoneLooks like we've got another Adobe Flash-based VoIP phone to go along with the Russian flashphone I reviewed last month and which coincidentally launched some new features today.

This one comes from India called TringMe, with the application aptly named TringPhone. It works with any SIP-based service provider. Just add your SIP credentials and dial away simply using the Web-based Flash-based applet.

According to their website, they offer widgets "to allow your website visitors, friends and customers to call or leave a voicemail to you - directly from the web. You can instantly receive call or voicemail on your existing cell phone, landline, Gtalk or via e-mail." It also has a one-click putton for leaving voicemail, as seen here:

Of course, this software requires an existing SIP provider where as the flashphone app gives you up to 3 minutes of free calls. TringPhone should also offer that to let users demo their Flash VoIP app.

  • Flash-based SIP phone which you can configure to use with any VoIP provider.
  • Call worldwide from the web - No additional software required.
  • Call from any flash enabled browser - no need to download any softphone or SIP client.
  • Use mobile version of TringPhone from any mobile device or PDA (upcoming).
  • Built-in echo canceller - also works with older version of flash.
  • Compliant with - RFC 3261 and other extensions. Also supports allowable characters as defined in RFC 2396 (not only numericals)
  • Super clear quality & It's FREE

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