Tussa Launches Residential VoIP using Hotsip's SIP-based M2CE

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Tussa Launches Residential VoIP using Hotsip's SIP-based M2CE

Hotsip AB (www.hotsip.com), a leading SIP Application Server provider with off-the-shelf applications for large scale SIP enabled broadband and 3G/IMS networks, announced today that it has supplied its M2CE product to Tussa, a Norwegian Internet Service Provider, as a part of a residential IP Telephony solution.

"Hotsip has further strengthened its position in the Nordic market and we are excited to have our first commercial launch in Norway. I am convinced that we will see many smaller ISPs launching IP Telephony services during this year. We are very excited about the Tussa's commercial launch and the next projects to follow" says Kenneth Gustafsson, CEO of Hotsip.

With Hotsip's SIP-based platform, Tussa's subscribers gets a standard telephone number which they can use to make and receive calls to and from any fixed or mobile phone using an analogue telephone with analogue telephone adapter. The subscribers will not only benefit from complementary telephony services like call forward, call screening, call line identification, caller privacy etc, but also from some value added telephony services such as forking and intelligent routing of calls. Forking makes it possible for the user to route his calls to all his terminals at the same time. By using intelligent routing it is possible to route his calls differently depending on who he is calling and when. These value added services provides more advantages over traditional telephony and offer the user the possibility to control and personalise his communication.

"We are very satisfied with the performance and functionality of Hotsip's platform and impressed by the short time to market. We and Hotsip have succeeded to deploy a commercial IP Telephony service within 4 months from delivery" says Ivar Driveklepp, CEO of Tussa Telit.

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