Veraz Networks Reports Strong VoIP Growth

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Veraz Networks Reports Strong VoIP Growth

$1.7B1 billion VoIP minutes served by Veraz Networks per month? Nice! Not to rehash the recent past, but I can't help but be reminded of Dvorak's claim that VoIP isn't ready for primetime. (see

Here's an excerpt of the release:

Veraz Networks Records Strong Worldwide VoIP Sales Growth in 2004

  Network and Enhanced Service Solutions Deployed in 30 countries

February 23, 2005-Veraz Networks announced that its VoIP solutions have been deployed in 30 countries, representing both complex network environments and newly deregulated markets. Veraz VoIP solutions are carrying over 1 billion minutes of traffic per month. Service Providers in newly deregulated markets such as India, Turkey, Bulgaria, and Russia require a stable solution that works with their IP environment, including the demands of handling satellite, wireless and international traffic. Even with mobile originated traffic carried over satellite links, Veraz’s voice quality and stability stand out under the most rigorous conditions, due to best-in-class handling of latency, jitter and packet loss.

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