Verizon Hub Web browsing VoIP Phone Gadget Coming

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Verizon Hub Web browsing VoIP Phone Gadget Coming

Back in March 2007 I wrote about Verizon VoiceWing VoIP FiOS service with a brand new phone called Verizon One, sporting a touch-screen, stylus, Internet access, VoIP, and more. It's pictured here:

Well, according to Boy Genius Report, it appears that a new product called the Verizon Hub deskphone is launching and is even in Verizon stores with a "do not open until further instructions order". I looked at the Verizon Hub pictures and it looked identical to the Verizon One. One of my sources told me that the Verizon Hub is the same thing as the Verizon One, but apparently Verizon changed the name to the Verizon Hub deskphone. It's possible it has additional features. Building in a femtocell into the device would be nice, to help extend and improve the range of your cell phone in poor coverage areas. My source wouldn't confirm nor deny that it has femtocell capabilities.

As I previously wrote about the Verizon One/Hub, unfortunately, the Web browsing experience is tad limited, since you can only get specific Web content that Verizon has enabled. Some of the approved web content includes categories such as news, weather, and movie listings. But if you try and browse a site not listed, you're out of luck. I even joked, "perhaps Verizon doesn't want people going to Yahoo! Yellow Pages and bypassing Verizon's 411 directory assistance at $1.75 a pop! (not sure exact figure). But I'm sure there plan is to find partners and advertisers for the Verizon One device. Still a neat little gadget even if they do "lock" down the browsing experience."

The Verizon Hub (formerly Verizon One) will handle regular phone calls, but it was designed for VoIP.  The cordless phone, which doesn't look nearly as "cool" as the rest of the device, will work with Verizon's upcoming VoiceWing VoIP service for FiOS. It also sports a touch screen with stylus and it will require a two-year contract at $29.99/month as seen by this Verizon Hub search.

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