Verizon to battle Vonage for VoIP broadband supremacy

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Verizon to battle Vonage for VoIP broadband supremacy

Well, first it was AT&T, now another major carrier is jumping on the broadband VoIP bandwagon. Verizon has announced residential VoIP over broadband to compete with Vonage and AT&T's offerings (amongst others, i.e. Packet8, VoicePulse, etc.).

Vonage still reigns as king, and Vonage has a much more flexible pricing structure than either AT&T or Verizon (which is more expensive @ $39.95 per month or $34.95/month if you have Verizon DSL). Vonage offers $29.99/month unlimited as well as $24.99 Unlimited Llocal + 500 long distance, as well as a Basic 500 plan for 500 Anywhere minutes at $14.99/month. They also have business plans available.

Verizon actually partnered with deltathree to provide a suite of back office integration and management services including: account sign-up, billing, account management, credit card processing and fraud management, as well as VoIP telephony features. deltathree will also provide its Customer Service Interface (CSI) for customer service functionality.

Here's the press release:
Verizon Rings In Next Generation of Voice Services With VoiceWing Broadband Phone Service

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