Verizon VoiceWing Broadband and VoIP Double Play

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Verizon VoiceWing Broadband and VoIP Double Play

Skibare shared this news release with me:
VoiceWing Plus DSL Equals New Savings for Verizon Customers

Basically, Verizon is offering a "double play" package of broadband ($29.95/month) and VoIP unlimited local and long distance ($29.95) for $59.90/month.

This is great news. But personally, I'm waiting for the "triple play" of VoIP, broadband, and cable TV (more than just Basic Cable) all for less than $60/month. We're getting there, slowly but surely. Certainly, all this competition is bringing the price points down.

Funny how times change. The carriers were considered the "big boys" as compared to the cable companies. Now with cable companies starting to go gangbusters after the voice / long distance market, it won't be long now before the cable companies are the "big boys" on the block and the carriers will be scrapping at their heels.

ok, that prediction is a little ways off... But unless the phone companies can find a way of delivering high-speed video/TV programs over copper phone wiring, their "double play" offerings will never compete with cable companies' "triple play" offerings.

Double play, triple play - all this baseball terminology is making me want to go to another Yankees vs. Red Sox game. Are the playoffs here yet?

UPDATE, 1:12pm EDT: I just noticed Andy blogged the same thing and came to the same conclusion about the need for triple play, so I'm going to add a trackback to his post.

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