Vocal Technologies VOCAL 1x0 ATA

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Vocal Technologies VOCAL 1x0 ATA

Vocal Technologies VOCAL 1x0

Vocal Technologies VOCAL 1x0

This release came out Nov 30th, but thought it was still worth sharing since ATAs have become quite popular. ATAs, or Analog Telephony Adaptors are used to translate analog signals into digital signals that are then transmitted over IP. In fact, ATAs have become quite popular in the tech community, with rabid fans supporting one particular ATA over another ATA that I've seen some heated debates in the VoIP Forums as to which is the best ATA.

Here's the release:
VOCAL Technologies’ New 1x0 Offers Industry’s Lowest-Cost, Low-Power ATA Solution for VoIP Market

Leverages State-of-the-Art Technology for Reduced Design Overhead

BUFFALO, N.Y.——VOCAL Technologies, Ltd., today announced the VOCAL 1x0, the market’s lowest-cost configurable low-power analog telephone adapter (ATA) and reference design platform for VoIP applications. The solution enables VoIP equipment suppliers to add a compact, cost-effective ATA solution to their portfolios while simultaneously giving service providers the opportunity to offer ATAs for free or at a substantially subsidized price to new VoIP customers.

The low cost of the VOCAL 1x0 reflects the use of advanced patent-pending algorithms that substantially reduces the component count thereby resulting in significant savings on the bill of materials (BOM). The new BOM results in a per unit cost of $6.00.

"The price breakthrough of our new ATA solution was achieved through advanced engineering, and it promises to transform the ATA game," said VOCAL’s Chief Technology Officer Victor Demjanenko. "Now service providers can offer their subscribers a highly reliable VoIP device for free or at a substantial discount compared to other ATA solutions on the market today."

The VOCAL 1x0 supports a single telephone port that connects to a computer USB connection to route toll-quality voice calls via a computer’s Ethernet connection. It initiates calls using the rapidly emerging IP telephony standard Session Initiation Protocol (SIPv2) and supports multiple advanced codecs to optimize performance.

The solution has a compact 2.5-square-inch footprint, is compatible with conventional wired and cordless phones and fax machines, and requires no external power source because it draws power from a computer’s USB port

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