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VoIP & Communications Developers - We've heard you...

TMCnet logoWe at TMC have heard the cries from developers for a stronger development track at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo to focus on more technical development-related topics. As a developer myself with a background in computer engineering, I discussed with Rich Tehrani and others the need for a strong developers track at ITEXPO.

In May of 2007, TMC actually held a separate show called Communications Developer Conference (Comm Dev 07), which was fairly successful for such a 'niche' show. Although it was successful, we realized it made much more sense to co-locate Communications Developer Conference at ITEXPO, TMC's flagship IP communications conference that draws 15,000 attendees each year and no doubt dozens if not hundreds of developers.

With that said, I am happy to report today that TMC is bringing the Communications Developer Conference to ITEXPO!

Without tooting our horn too much, this makes TMC's ITEXPO the #1 educational IP communications conference for developers - especially when you consider the following:
Add all this together along with the co-location of Comm Dev 08 with ITEXPO and there is no reason why developers shouldn't attend the next ITEXPO. It's taking place September 16-18, 2008 at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I'll certainly be there and might even sit on some classes myself to rub elbows with my fellow developer geeks.

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