VoIP Testing Company, Empirix Lands COX

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VoIP Testing Company, Empirix Lands COX

One of my favorite VoIP testing companies, Empirix Inc., has announced a huge deal with Cox Communications, a cable and broadband communications company with approximately 6.7 million total customers whereby Cox will utilize the Hammer XMS next-generation VoIP monitoring system for use across its national network. According to the news release, "The decision follows extensive evaluations and field trials conducted by Cox Communications. Cox will utilize the Hammer XMS to monitor both its Nortel DMS/CS2K and Cisco BTS network switch installations."

The Hammer XMS combines high-performance, non-intrusive probes with a highly scalable architecture capable of tracking tens of thousands of simultaneous calls. The carrier-class system provides network diagnostics and service optimization statistics on VoIP and TDM protocol performance, as well as media quality, in real time for every call. The Hammer XMS will help ensure high QoS for Cox's broadband VoIP customers.

"Empirix's Hammer XMS VoIP monitoring technology will help us ensure that current and future IP-based services delivered to our customers meet standards that exceed their expectations," said Richard Mueller, Vice President Network Planning, Operations and Engineering, Cox Communications. "Monitoring tools such as Hammer XMS are a key part of our proactive quality assurance strategy."

"We're extremely gratified to have been selected to work with Cox in this area, following their extensive and detailed evaluation. Cox has consistently been an industry leader in customer satisfaction, as measured by J.D. Power & Associates' regional and national surveys. We look forward to working closely with Cox to help them utilize Hammer XMS to expand visibility into their VoIP networks and monitor service delivery," said Steven Gladstone, VP and general manager of the Empirix Communications Infrastructure Group.

On a personal note: Empirix has supplied TMC Labs with VoIP testing equipment for years and their products never seem to disappoint. Congratulations to Steve, who I have known for over 9 years, as well as the rest of Empirix!

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