VoIP2Save.com "We have Number Portability - Our Competitors Do Not!"

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VoIP2Save.com "We have Number Portability - Our Competitors Do Not!"

VoIP2Save.com "We have Number Portability - Our Competitors Do Not!"
Na na na na!

Well they weren't actually quoted saying it like that, but pretty damn close! : )

I just saw this release hit the wire:
PRESS RELEASE: Broadband Internet Phone Company, VoIP2Save.com Announces Full Phone Number Portability

The release claims that Vonage, Packet8, Voice Glo, Lingo and I-Connect do not allow customers to keep their phone number the company assigned to them, if the customer decided to switch to another phone company. I know I have heard complaints from users when they tried porting their phone number when switching from one broadband VoIP service provider to another.

Voip2Save.com claims that these broadband VoIP service providers only allow you to keep your number and port it over to another phone company IF the customer previously established that phone number at another phone company. So for example, if you started with AT&T, then signed up with Vonage, then wanted to switch to Lingo, you can port your number. However, if you originally started with Vonage and used Vonage's allocated phone number, you will have difficulty porting your number (if at all).

Here's the full release so you can read for yourself:
The Providence Telephone Company, which operates the broadband internet telephone service, VoIP2Save.com became the first internet phone company to offer customers full telephone number portability. "No other internet telephone company, to this date, has offered total number portability. We are the first," said Bob Blanchard, the president of the company.

"It does not matter if a customer transfers an existing phone number to us, or we assign a telephone number to the customer. If and when they leave, they take their phone number with them. In 2003, a federal law mandated customers of cellular telephone service be allowed to keep their phone number if they decided to switch carriers. Internet phone companies were not covered by the law."
VoIP2Save.com surveyed many other internet phone companies, including Vonage®, Packet8®, Voice Glo®, Lingo® and I-Connect® It found that none of the companies allowed customers to keep a phone number the company assigned to them, if the customer decided to switch to another phone company.

Blanchard accused the companies of "holding a customer hostage, forcing a customer to stay with a telephone company or face the hassle of getting a brand new phone number with another phone company. It's just like the bad old days of cellular," he concluded. Blanchard urged his competitors to "make it very clear to customers, either on the main page of their web site, or during the sign-up process, that if they decide to switch to another phone company they cannot take their newly assigned phone numbers with them. Right now the companies either bury that information in the middle of their legal disclosure pages, or simply don't reveal it at all," Blanchard said. "Make it very clear to customers. If we give you a phone number, we own it, not you. Phone number portability is something consumers demand. I think many will be very unhappy to learn their internet telephone number cannot be transferred to another company" he concluded.

All of the companies surveyed did have a set of conditions which, if met, would let customers keep their phone number, if they previously established that phone number at another phone company. But none of the companies surveyed allowed portability for phone numbers it assigns.
VoIP2Save.com can offer full number portability for all phone numbers because "VoIP2Save.com" is associated with RNK Telecom®, a fully regulated and taxed telephone company. (CLEC) RNK® has invested millions of dollars in special equipment to handle internet telephone traffic. RNK® owns all the phone numbers it provides and therefore provides full number portability.

Blanchard said, "some internet phone companies lease blocks of phone numbers from other phone companies. As a result they cannot offer ownership of telephone numbers to customers because the companies don't own the numbers to begin with. There is a possibility that if suddenly an internet phone company goes out of business and it is not backed by a regulated phone company, consumers would be left with no dial tone or no way to quickly transfer their numbers to maintain phone service," he warned.

VoIP2Save.com, operates in Metro New York City, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine. It offers unlimited worldwide calling for $24.95 a month, which is currently the lowest rate in the internet telephone industry. To place an internet phone call a caller needs a broadband connection plus an internet phone or adapter. Bob Blanchard, the president of "VoIP2Save.com", is a former journalist and three time Emmy Award winner in the field of consumer protection reporting. The company web site is http://www.VoIP2Save.com

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