VoIPMonitor congratulates TMCNet

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VoIPMonitor congratulates TMCNet

VoIPMonitor has a nice article congratulating TMCNet for reaching over 3,000,000 unique visitors in July 2007, a 50% increase in traffic since February 2007. Thanks for the kudos, VoIPMonitor! The TMC team tries hard to bring breaking stories, interesting articles, and insightful commentary in IP communications, call center/CRM technology, wireless, and much more.

Let me just add that it's YOU the web reader that visits our various websites & blogs that helps make TMCNet the success that is. Without the traffic and the corresponding advertising revenue your visits help bring in, we wouldn't be able to afford to hire high-quality editors to write the content you enjoy reading. So a hearty thanks to our regular TMCNet readers!

ITEXPO By the way, it seems that a lot of my loyal blog readers also attend Internet Telephony Conference & Expo since it seems I can't walk 20 feet without someone stopping me to ask me "Are you Tom Keating?" to which -- and with a puzzled look, I respond, "Yes, I am. Do I know you?" They then typically respond, "No. But I'm a huge fan of your VoIP & Gadgets blog. I recognize you from your pictures on your blog."

That's actually sort of how my introduction went with fellow blogger Alec Saunders when he ran into me at ITEXPO a few years ago during a networking reception dinner. Many of my loyal readers tell me they came to the show was because they heard good things about ITEXPO from my blog posts. TMC has been putting on tradeshows and educational conferences since 1986, so we're pretty experienced at putting on a good show. But hey, don't take my word for it. Rich Tehrani backs ITEXPO's paid conferences with a 100% money-back guarantee - the only one of its kind in the industry.

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