VON Joins forces with TMC?

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VON Joins forces with TMC?

According to Andy Abramson's post published 20 minutes ago, Carl Ford and Scott Kargman, who were big parts of the VON brain trust has joined forces with TMC. As Andy also commented - Hath hell frozen over?

This is like Mirror! Mirror! where Captain Kirk and Spock meet their opposites. Or even worse the episode called The Alternative Factor where two enemies both named Lazarus who Spock concludes is Lazarus and an "anti-Lazarus", possibly from a parallel "antimatter" dimension. Should Lazarus and his anti-self manage to destroy each other, it could spell doom for both universes.

Fortunately, the joining of former VON employees with TMC has not destroyed the VoIP universe!

Andy said:
What I'm hearing is that long time VON business brain-trust, Scott Kargman, and VON Conference impresario, Carl Ford have teamed up with TMC's Rich Tehrani to produce the 4G Wireless Evolution Website and a conference in Miami next February.
I was aware of what was going on between the VON heavyweights and TMC but kept it hush. I saw both Carl and Scott in TMC's main conference room a couple times over the past couple of weeks meeting with my fellow co-workers Rich Tehrani, Dave Rodriguez, and others. I was told about the negotiations but didn't sit in on the meeting since I was busy testing some VoIP products, including the new snom 820 phone.

Rich also got me involved with testing a cool HD streaming over coax product. More on that soon.

Ya know, I saw the demise of VON in 2006 coming when I poked fun at Jeff Pulver changing the focus from Voice on the Net (VON) to Video on the Net (VON 2.0?). My only question now is should I expect to see Jeff Pulver in TMC's conference room? Then hell will have truly frozen over!

For more on the deal, read Andy's post.

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