Voxilla You're Killing Me!

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Voxilla You're Killing Me!

C'mon Voxilla, we're friends, aren't we? I've met your CEO at a VoIP tradeshow and we got along famously. But now this is the second time you've run with an idea of mine to run a news story in the SAME DAY! On April 20th, I has a scoop on NextAlarm and a few hours later Voxilla had an eerily similar article. I compared the two article here.

Ok, so maybe I can chalk up not citing me as a simple mistake or even a coincidence even though the article went up just a few hours after I posted mine.

Well, this morning I wrote about Vonage e911 Warning, and warned that when the FCC deadline approaches that thousands of VoIP customers could be without phone service. Now this afternoon I see a Voxilla article discussing the same exact issue! Aw, c'mon now! You can't tell me that I wasn't the source for this article. You could have even quoted my blog entry and simply begun the article with "Tom Keating from Internet Telephony Magazine expressed concerns of a nuclear fallout due to the FCC e911 mandate forcing e911 notification. Voxilla contacted Vonage, Packet8 and...."

Tell you what. I will take the high road and give you a hat tip this time for running with my article premise and then getting some quotes from members of the VoIP industry about the e911 issue.

You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Deal?

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