WebRTC Demo Plus WebRTC Asterisk Integration

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WebRTC Demo Plus WebRTC Asterisk Integration

At AstriCon at sat in a jam-packed session on WebRTC, which featured Digium's Joshua Colp and Voxeo Labs / Tropo's Tim Panton. The talk explained how WebRTC is going to change the communications landscape, but more than that they did an actual demo showing a browser-based VoIP call to a WebRTC-enabled Tropo application. The source code was ridiculously short and simple, which means a lot of the complexity has been modularized into the WebRTC spec. I captured the video using my iPhone 4S in 3 video segments. One of them was too long (17 minutes) to upload to YouTube, so I had to split it making 4 total videos of this fascinating session.
The 3rd video segment is the actual demo, but the others are worth watching as well. I do wish Tim Panton did a video call during his demo since video is sexier than voice - Allison Smith, the Voice of Asterisk, not withstanding! smiley-laughing

Besides the cool demo of WebRTC in action, Tim mentioned that Chrome will "flip the switch" and enable WebRTC by default in Chrome in about a month. dancing

So without further adieu here are the four videos in chronological order:
They're HD videos, so full-screen the videos (might be able to make out some of the WebRTC code).

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