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XML Contest for VoIP Phones

Snom 370
Some interesting news from snom. Today, they announced the launch of its XML contest, "eXtreMeLy snomlified!” Beginning today, and continuing through Oct. 22, this contest calls on the VoIP programmer community and snom partners to de-velop innovative XML-Minibrowser applications for the snom 3xx series of phones. I should mention that snom's CEO, Christian Stredicke, will speak on the topic of "Securing Open Source Enterprise VoIP” from 3:30-4:15 pm PDT on Sept. 11 during ITEXPO West 2007 which is less than a week away.

In any event, currently the snom 3xx series of phones, which consists of the snom 300, 320, 360 and 370, have a permanent XML-Minibrowser. The XML contest not only serves to provide working data screens that will work ideally on several snom 3xx series phones, but it will also give momentum to unknown programmers in the community.

"This contest is an exciting approach to bridging the gap between the enterprise and grassroots programmers,” said Michael Knieling, CFO and executive vice president of marketing and sales for snom. "We look forward to witnessing the innovative and cutting-edge applications the VoIP community has to offer our legacy IP phone se-ries.”

Contestants may submit in two categories: Business Application and Lifestyle Appli-cation. Several factors will be considered when choosing the winners, including the number of snom phone models for which the application was programmed, the size of the application and various technical requirements. A prerequisite to participate is that the entry is published under the BSD licenses.

Some of eXtreMeLy snomlified! prizes include snom phones, a MOBOTIX camera, a snom Wireless Headset Adapter box and a wireless headset provided by either GN or Plantronics.

To further increase motivation, contest sponsors ABP Technology, Allnet, Epygi, GN, Jabra, Plantronics, VOIPANGO and Wildix – will provide a variety of runner-up prizes valued at over $5,000 US.

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