Xpert VoIP sets $5 per month benchmark for VoIP

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Xpert VoIP sets $5 per month benchmark for VoIP

Xpert VoIP has set a new low in pricing plans with a low $5/month plan that comes with 200 minutes of calling time anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, Additional minutes are billed at 2.8 cents a minute, but the realy nice thing is that they cap it at a maximum of $24 a month, which is still $0.99 less than Vonage's unlimited plan ($24.99) should you be a heavy per-minute user on a particular month.

But for months where you have light usage, you aren't stuck shelling out the full $24.99 like you would with Vonage's unlimited plan. If you only use 200 minutes or less that's just $5/month you pay. Of course, most users will go over 200 minutes per month. Essentially, you'd have to use up 678 minutes ($19 calling @$0.28/minute + $5 flat fee) to reach the $24/month maximum cap. That's roughly 22.6 minutes of talk time per day on the phone. If you average much less than that then it might make sense to choose Xpert VoIP. If you make 22.6 minutes or more you can still save $0.99 per month over Vonage, but then you have to decide if you want to take a change and go with a relatively unknown VoIP player or go with Vonage - a known commodity in the VoIP space - or even some of Vonage's better known competitors like Packet8 or SunRocket.

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