Yahoo Messenger Launches Today

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Yahoo Messenger Launches Today

I just wanted to share this email I received yesterday about Yahoo Messenger's announcement made today (officially it's called Yahoo! Messenger with Voice). I had made some inquiries to them about how their Dialpad integration was going. I'm under deadline to review some products, so can't provide much analysis on this at the moment, but the email is pretty self-explanatory. The free voicemail is cool, as is the integration with Yahoo! 360 - Yahoo's blogging software.

I know you have a lot of interest in Yahoo!’s recent Dialpad acquisition. While we don’t have any specifics to share with your right now, I can tell you the integration is going well, and we are looking forward to leveraging Dialpad’s technology and services to scale PSTN capabilities more quickly to our tens of millions of users.
A lot of feedback has been received by beta testers and I would like the opportunity to open the door of communication to get your thoughts on the official launch of the service – taking place on Tuesday. Some things you can expect from the latest version of Y! Messenger, which can be downloaded at on Tues., are:

  • PC to PC VoIP capabilities is a major component with this release; we have also introduced free voicemail.
  • Our new LiveWords feature demonstrates how our engineers are continuing to innovate. Deepening integration with Yahoo! Search, LiveWords allows users to quickly view information – including search results and news headlines - pertaining to an IM conversation by highlighting a term or phrase in a conversation.
  • Enhanced integration between Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! 360 now allows for content like blog postings, photos, lists or profile data to be shared with Messenger friends regardless if they are Yahoo! 360 users. Beyond Yahoo! Messenger -- Yahoo! 360 has “opened up” the service with a new RSS feed module, allowing people to bring all their online personal content into one place. We continue to think about new ways to foster online communities through the integration of various services.
I thought you might be interested in some of the initial data we have received:

  • The majority of survey respondents would recommend the beta Messenger to their friends.*
  • Since the introduction of high-quality voice, we've seen a two-thirds increase in Voice usage among beta users (Yahoo! Internal Data, July 2005) 
  • Three fourths of those who have used the PC-to-PC calling feature rate the sound quality equal to or better than a landline (traditional) phone.*
  • The majority of survey respondents, who have used the new Photo Sharing feature, indicate that they will share (are sharing ) more photos than before.*

*Yahoo! Internal survey, 3100 respondents across US, UK, TW, DE FR (July 2005)

The Y! Communications Products team is putting a lot of focus around integrating our communication services and fostering online communities. With the next version of Yahoo! Messenger, we are showcasing a real-time communications suite that is integrated with community properties (like Yahoo! 360, Music and Games) across the Yahoo! Network.

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