Zingaya Media Server enables Adobe Flash-based VoIP

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Zingaya Media Server enables Adobe Flash-based VoIP

A Russian-based company, Innovative Systems of Communication (ISC, Inc.) just launched their company website in both Russian and English. This is the same company that launched Flashphone.ru, a proof-of-concept Flash-based phone app which I discovered & reviewed.

ISC is now offering their Flash-based VoIP solution to companies interested in bringing Flash-based VoIP to their customers. Examples they gave me include: VoIP providers can create Flash-based SIP softphones using the technology, banks and big organizations can use create widgets for their web pages to allow customers make calls right from webpage to call centers or ip-pbx.

They also told me, "We provide our customers with convenient API to create flash applications compatible with our server software and all needed support, we got demo version of software available. Our server software compatible with Linux and with Windows, so it's a cross-platform solution." They also pointed out that due to Flash technology used for the softphone client, its possible to show video ads before or during a call. They are leveraging their Zingaya Media Server (ZMS) to offer their Flash-based VoIP, which is also based on the SIP 2.0 standard.

Highlighted Features include:
  • ZMS works via HTTP through port 80 so it has no problems with NAT and firewalls
  • SIP 2.0 compatibility allows to use ZMS for interference with contemporary IP-telephony systems: softphones, IP PBX (Asterisk for example), call-centers, SIP proxy servers. It gives an opportunity (for VoIP operators) to create convenient services which allow users to make calls directly from web page without downloading any specific software
  • ZMS works with VoIP codecs G.711 and G.729
  • Integration with existent infrastructure at database level allows companies to implement ZMS-based solutions quickly and easily
  • Horizontal scalability, large-user-number systems building opportunity
  • Windows and Linux compatibility
  • Convenient API for client applications development in FlexBuilder 2/3, Flash CS3
  • ZMS allows to make own non-VoIP apps for Java-based server
  • Client apps are cross-platform due to Adobe Flash technology which is accessible at Windows, MacOS, Linux and works with most of contemporary browsers

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