Vonage and CompUsa

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Vonage and CompUsa

Vonage announced a deal with Compusa to offer Vonage's broadband VoIP solution. The funny thing is I thought Compusa ALREADY was offering Vonage. Could have sworn I already saw a press release about this. I guess so many retail stores are offering so many various VoIP providers it's hard to keep track!

Here's the release...


Vonage is now available in Over 8,000 Retail Outlets Within North America

Edison, N.J., December 21, 2004 - Vonage Holdings Corp., the leading broadband phone company, today announced CompUSA will offer Vonage's service in all of its 200 plus nationwide stores throughout the United States and online at www.compusa.com.

High-speed Internet customers, who have a standard telephone, can sign up for Vonage service by purchasing one of two Vonage starter kits at CompUSA, featuring Linksys devices. These devices will allow customers to make calls in the U.S. and Canada for one low, flat monthly rate starting at $14.99. The devices are competitively priced and offer the consumer a $50.00 mail-in rebate, ninety days after the Vonage service is activated.

"CompUSA's national roll-out of Vonage's service is evidence of the transformation of the telecommunications industry and the need to make broadband telephony more readily available to the general consumer market," stated Dave Goodwin, vice president, Retail Sales Channel for Vonage. "We are looking forward to a successful sales relationship with one of the nation's leading retailers of technology equipment."

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