Vonage Email Phishing Scam

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Vonage Email Phishing Scam

Look at this email phishing scam purportedly coming from Vonage. You know Vonage has hit the big time when scammers starts targeting them. Unfortunately, the scammers, like many scammers, have poor English skills making their poorly written emails a dead giveaway.

Let me give the scammers some tips for the future:
  1. Spell October correctly. It's not Octomber
  2. This is not grammatically correct (wrong tense) - "You did not accessed your account for more than a month."
  3. Sorry, but 'confront' is a poor word choice - 'compare' is what you meant. I think your English thesaurus or translator got you. "We will check your IP address, time zone, and confront it with our database logs."
Now here's what I'm trying to figure out. Even if someone logs onto someone's Vonage account, I'm not sure what information they'd have access to. As a former Vonage customer myself, if I recall, the web interface doesn't display your credit card information. So the online web interface would give them access to your voicemail, which could contain some confidential info, but typically people don't leave confidential financial info in their voicemail.

Maybe the web interface does display credit card info, social security, or some other info that a credit card or identity thief can use? Any Vonage customers out there care to pipe in?

Here's the scam email.
Warning: The links go to www.angeltrans.kr not vonage.com. I didn't click through. You never know what untrustworthy sites have viruses, buffer overflow exploits, etc. I suggest you not click through either.

From: Vonage Marketing [mailto:service@vonage.com]
Sent: Sunday, October 12, 2008 7:59 AM
Subject: Message from Vonage, Customer Service
Importance: High

Dear Vonage Member,

 Your Vonage Account will expire in: Octomber, 10

 This might have happened due to the following reasons:
- You did not accessed your account for more than a month.
- You have dynamic IP address and due to that our system might have interpretated it as a hacking attempt.
- You entered a wrong password 3 times when you tried to connect to your Vonage Account.

 To avoid an account suspension, please
click here or the link below:


*We will check your IP address, time zone, and confront it with our database logs.

 We are very sorry if this affects you in any way but our client's security is a top priority for Vonage Inc.

Vonage Security Team.

© 2001-2008 Vonage Marketing, Inc., All Rights Reserved

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